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  • Organic & Clean Ingredients

  • Heats in Minutes

  • Zero Preservatives

  • Fresh Never Frozen

  • Reheat in Microwave OR Oven

  • BPA Free Recyclable Packaging

  • Easy Online Ordering

  • Chef Crafted & Restaurant Quality


  • Shipped to Your Door!

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Endless hours in the Kitchen Daily?
Tired of grocery runs?
Eating unhealthy to save time?
Dinner decisions got you stressed?
Wasting money on spoiled food?
Overspending on traditional Fast Food?
Preparing Dinner: Ugh? We Get it.

Take back your life with

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Take control of your health & eating!
Spend more time with family & friends!
Save money & lower waste!
Dinner decisions made easy!
Fast food without the guilt!
No prep with quick and easy cleanup!
Stressless ordering and doorstep delivery!!

Save Time. Save Money.

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Nearly 20% of every American's day is used either traveling for, shopping for, waiting for, prepping for, or cooking meals!
Not to mention, the cleanup!

That's 20 % of YOUR LIFE!

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 40% of Americans eat traditional fast food each day. That's nearly 100 MILLION people who spend up to $300 a month on expensive, unhealthy, bio engineered, preservative laced meals!

Time: Our most precious resource!

Do you ever feel like there isn't enough time in a day? 

Do time constraints leave you settling for unhealthy options?


Chef Eatz meals can be reheated in only 3 MINUTES and are made with zero preservatives and come FRESH never frozen!

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Easy Online Ordering


Our streamlined and efficient ordering system makes products easy to view and easy to order.


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Top Quality Products


Our chefs only work with the best of ingredients to offer you organic, high quality, preservative free meals that are not only clean and healthy, but delicious and unique.

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shipped to your door


We ship your meals directly to your door in our fully compostable paper insulators so they arrive cold and fresh, every time.

100k Happy, Healthy Bodies & Growing!

Hear from them below!

"This is perfect for our family. Our incredibly busy work and family life makes it hard to get healthy food regularly. We've been getting 4 dinners a week and it's freed up time from cooking so we can be together.
And... delicious!"

-Chuck Powell
 Business Owner

Couple with Kids

"As a nutritionist and personal trainer, Chef Eatz has been a real game changer for not only myself, but my clients as well. The Athleatz meals are as clean as it gets, and I haven't found anything that's comparable in the market in all of my years training. If you want clean, healthy, and convenient meals, Chef Eatz is exactly what you need, whether you know it or not"
Kevin Chadwick Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

"Between sports, gymnastics, and every other activity between 2 boys and 2 girls, we either didn't have time to cook a proper meal, or we were just too worn out to think about it. Chef Eatz started as a tool to help OUR family, and now it helps other families, too"
-Jeff & Stephanie Servin
Chef Eatz Founders

New package opening

Receive Your Meals

Your meals will arrive to your front door in our fully recyclable insulated packaging!
Still Cold, Still FRESH!

MIcrowaving Food

Heat in 3 Minutes!

Straight from the fridge to your microwave! No cutting slits in a film, no mixing ingredients, and no complicated and annoying steps. 
From Fridge to Microwave to Belly.
That's it!


Lunch at Home


Treat yourself with a fresh, clean, and healthy meal while enjoying extra time to do whatever your heart desires. Did we mention no dishes or cleanup?

DID YOU KNOW: Americans spend up to 20% of THEIR LIFE on food each week?! Whether it's preparing, cooking, cleaning, traveling to get groceries, or waiting in line for unhealthy and expensive fast food, it all adds up!

At Chef Eatz, our meals are made with the highest quality ingredients, free of preservatives, and ready in just a few minutes!

So instead of wasting time and money on unhealthy options, or being stuck in the kitchen for hours, you can enjoy clean and healthy meals with your loved ones and get back to living

The new fast food (2).png

"At Chef Eatz we know that you want to live a healthy life and spend your valuable time with friends, family, and doing the things you love. In order to do that, you need to treat your body right, live a healthy lifestyle, and manage your time.

The problem is, there's only enough time in one day to pick and choose what's important, which makes you feel like you're sacrificing some of the most important things in life like health and family. We believe there can be time for everything that matters to you. We fully understand how a busy life can put what's important on the back burner, which is why we created Chef Eatz.

First it was for our family, and now we hope to serve yours.

Here's how we did it:

1. With 20 years of culinary & nutrition experience, we've created meals that are clean, healthy, and thoughtful.
2. We created a packaging process that keeps our meals fresh longer without the use of preservatives, that heats quickly without loss of quality, and that stores efficiently without crowding your refrigerator.
3. We ship our meals with fully recyclable insulated liners to get your meals to you fast, fresh, and ready to eat as soon as your receive them with minimal effort and great results.

So, Saving you time, your health, and even saving some extra cash with Chef Eatz has never been easier!

With Chef Eatz, you can stop worrying about whether you will have time to make a proper meal for yourself or your family and instead order Chef Eatz Here and make a massive change to your quality of life from this moment on!

We truly strive to make lasting impressions on the quality of our client's lives, and hope to earn your business soon.

What Makes Us Different?!

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Some companies use cheap, plastic containers that don't seal tightly allowing food to spoil quickly and leave your meal tasting dry and bland.

You'll be lucky to get these meals to last more than 3 days once they arrive. Trust us, we know. We started with this process!

These packages also take up A TON of space in your fridge.
Seems like a losing formula for the client in every aspect, if you ask us.


Other bigger and more well known companies use MAP, otherwise known as "Modified Atmosphere Packaging".

Sound crazy?! IT IS!

These companies
SPRAY CHEMICALS AND GASSES on your meals and quickly seal the package to "modify the atmosphere" and keep meals fresh for longer. 

They STILL don't stay fresh for long.

Does that sound healthy?
Didn't think so.


Chef Eatz uses "Vacuum Seal Technology" to package our meals WITHOUT the use of harmful gasses, chemicals, or any of the other million artificial preservatives that these massive companies use to add big cash to their pockets and take your health all the same.

We value your health, time, and taste buds.

If that means we make less, so be it.

Learn more about our packaging

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert!

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