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Chef Eatz is one of the ONLY companies in the entire United States to operate a Vacuum Seal Packaging (VSP) machine in combination with microwave and oven save packaging for their meals!

Most start up companies(This was us, btw) use plastic containers that have a bulky plastic bottom, and a dome shaped plastic lid that takes up major space in your refrigerator. By the time you have ordered and received your meals, they are already knocking on expirations door! Unfortunately, they don't heat evenly, so be ready to stir and reheat if they aren't properly packaged. With a lid that doesn't seal air tight or liquid tight, you can bet that freezing is pretty much out of the question without losing a good chunk of quality.

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The "better" option that almost all other popular meal services use is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). These meals come in microwavable plastic trays that have a plastic film sealed across the top, but not before they spray some gas into your meal to preserve shelf life! Some of the meals you have to poke a hole in, or cut a slit in the top. You might need scissors to cut the rest off after cooking. If you cant eat them before they expire, you can freeze them, but I wouldn't expect the best quality when thawed. Gas, Scissors, and frost bite? No thanks.

The BEST option and the best companies (This is us NOW, btw!) use Vacuum Sealed Packaging, or VSP! This process uses absolutely ZERO gasses or preservatives, and the vacuum process removes every bit of air from the meal to leave a perfect seal. You can store these meals right side up, upside down, or play catch in the backyard with them! That meal won't budge. They're sealed that good! They also get rid of the lid that wastes space, so fitting a weeks worth of meals in the refrigerator is a breeze! 

The trays are made from fully
recyclable crystallized plastic and can withstand temperatures of over 400 degrees! That's right! You can reheat our meals in the microwave OR the oven! When microwaving, watch as the film on your meal expands into a balloon like dome to steam your meal evenly to avoid stirring and reheating again. Once the meal has finished cooking, watch the film self vent, and when it falls flat? You simply grab a corner and lightly peel the film back and discard. It's really that easy. Microwave, peel, and eat! For the oven? Remove film, throw it in the oven to heat, and eat!

We use nothing but the best products that are clean, organic, steroid free, hormone free, and pesticide free. We believe in creating delicious, and thoughtful recipes for our clients. We make sure we protect what we package by implementing a process that opens up several ways to enjoy your meal, and keep them more fresh with a longer shelf life than any other packaging process on the planet. We now do this with our meals because we want you to enjoy our meals to the absolute fullest, every time, without compromise.


Our new packaging makes shipping a breeze! 
You can be confident that all of your meals will be exactly as they should on arrival. Cold, and in one piece. Like they came straight off our kitchen floor!


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