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Frequently asked questions

What are athleatz meals?

If you're looking for the freshest and cleanest meal service in the industry, you've found your match!

 Our Athleatz meals are made with absolutely no added salts, oils, or fats!

These meals are crafted to give you complete control over what you put into your body.

With Low-Carb, Max-Carb, and Max Protein Options there isn't a diet our Athleatz meals can't accommodate

Where are you located?

Our kitchen is located at 5850 Appalachian Hwy Suite 3 Blue Ridge, GA 30513 and we are open weekly Tuesday & Friday from 12-5pm.

Do you offer delivery/shipping?

Yes and yes!  We offer FREE local delivery in Blue Ridge, GA Tuesday & Friday.

We also ship to the whole east coast. We ship all orders out every Tuesday and they will arrive within 3 days.


How do you reheat?

Our meals come to you fully cooked in microwave AND oven safe packaging!
In the microwave, just place the meal inside for 3 minutes with film intact.
In the oven, remove top film and reheat at 350 for 15 minutes.
Caution! Contents will be hot!

Do you offer catering?

Why yes! We do offer catering to our local clients of Blue Ridge, GA and surrounding areas! 

Our catering program is perfect for family reunions, weddings, business meetings and other social events. 

It is structured to offer our customers incredible food at a reasonable price.

You can choose to have your catered meals delivered or picked up at our kitchen.

You can also choose whether you'd like your meals hot and ready or
refrigerated and ready to be reheated at your convenience.

 We also offer catering rentals to give your event a polished and professional look at a fraction of the price!

You can find our catering menu HERE or you can reach out to us directly HERE

How do i order?

You can find our ever changing menu as well as order online HERE or stop by our kitchen and visit the Ready to Go Cooler for grab and go meals.


how long do your meals last?  Are they frozen?

All of our meals are sent to you fresh and never frozen, but that doesn't mean YOU can't freeze them when they arrive!

Our vacuum seal packaging keeps meals fresh for weeks, without the use of preservatives, and allows you to freeze them with little to no frostbite or loss in overall quality!

Are there subscriptions?

We DO have subscriptions available, but they are NOT required whatsoever!

Unlike those other brands, we believe you should be able to choose your payment terms!

You'll never get stuck in an endless battle to cancel a subscription with us!

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