Real Local Chefs. Real Local Ingredients. Real Local Love.
That's what Chef Eatz is all about!
We create delicious meals with real, fresh ingredients and they're ready to eat in just a few quick minutes.

"No way. Can't happen! I've tried those microwave meals from the supermarket. THEY. ARE. TERRIBLE!

Trust us. We get it. We hear you loud and clear.
(We felt the same way!)
But we are here to tell you that it not only CAN be done, it HAS been done! Right here at Chef Eatz in Blue Ridge GA!

Our team of Chef's have decades of experience in commercial kitchens, so we know a thing or two about good food. We also know how hard it is to find a quick, quality meal! After so many nights of mystery microwave meals and gas station pizza pockets, enough was enough.
We had to change the game!

So we did! After several months of testing (and eating!), we were able to offer microwavable meals that not only reheat in minutes, but our proteins stay tender and moist unlike those "Other Guys".
We believe in healthy, simply delicious meals made with love.
Don't let time and hassle be the reason you miss out on a good quality meal.


Real Local Chefs.

Real Local Ingredients.

Real Local Love.